4 Ways SMS Can Boost Church Communication During the Christmas Season

The holidays are a very busy time for church congregations. Changes to the schedule or the last minute need for volunteers make communication very important during the holiday season. SMS can make a big difference when it comes to reaching your church members no matter where they are. Boost church attendance with SMS by sending out a reminder text of a new or additional holiday service. Keep your congregation informed about everything that is going on during this busy time of year using text messages. Here’s how to get started:

1. Send Out a Request for Help

If you have a last minute need for help sorting toy donations, or you need volunteers to help come clean up the Christmas fair, texting can make communication simple. Churches always have the need for volunteers to come in and do some good works, especially during the holiday season. When you can ask for help from your congregation with texting, it will be much easier to fill volunteer opportunities. The people will receive the call for help within minutes and be able to help if they are available.

2. Remind the Congregation of Upcoming Events

When you have a group of volunteers putting on a donation drive or another type of event for the holidays, you want it to be well attended. When you have implemented SMS as a way to communicate with your church, you can send out a quick reminder to let everyone know that an event is coming up. Use texting to deliver holiday reminders and keep attendance up at events that your volunteers work hard to produce.

3. Receive Prayer Requests

There are always people the might struggle during the season. When someone from your church is feeling particularly down or stressed, it’s important to be able to be supportive as a community. Prayer requests are a great way to let people in the church know what to pray for. They can be as detailed as the person requesting prayers wants, and be shared with those that have signed up to be on the prayer list. If there is a last minute need for a prayer, you can reach out to your prayer team within minutes.

4. Make Changes in the Schedule

When the weather gets out of control and it is no longer safe for people to travel to an event, it’s time to cancel. The problem is, you may need to wait until the last minute in order to make a cancellation. If you decide that the weather is too dangerous for people to risk traveling to your event, a text message can reach everyone no matter where they are. Your members won’t have to keep checking online or calling in to the office to see if you’ve canceled the event. Once you get your church used to getting text messages if a holiday event needs to be changed, communication will become more streamlined.


Take some of the stress of the Christmas season by improving the communication between your office staff and your church members. Make it simple to remind the people of upcoming events, especially ones that are new or only once a year. Christmas can be a wonderful time for your church family, and effective communication can make this time of year even better. When you implement text messaging to reach out to your congregation, you will find that events will be better attended and people will be able to ask for the prayer support they need easily.

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