Webflow vs. WordPress for Church Websites

Choosing the right platform for your church website is crucial to its success, as there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The best choice depends on factors such as the team building and maintaining the website, budget, experience with web design, development and maintenance, an existing website, and the project’s complexity. In this article, we’ll compare Webflow […]

Webflow for Church Websites

When it comes to building a church website, there are numerous options available, including popular content management systems like WordPress, SaaS solutions, Squarespace, custom solutions, and many more. The choice of a suitable platform primarily depends on the human factor. For instance, churches need to consider whether they have in-house staff capable of building and […]

5 Common SEO Mistakes Churches Make and How to Fix Them

When it comes to attracting new members and engaging with the community, churches must keep up with the digital age. One key aspect of a strong online presence is search engine optimization (SEO). SEO ensures that your church’s website ranks higher on search engine results, making it more accessible to potential visitors. However, many churches […]

Church SEO: A Complete Guide

You create your church’s website in the hopes that it will draw in more visitors. When church and business clients entrusted us with the creation or rebuilding of their websites, we frequently observed that. It is reasonable to hope for increased traffic, but we also need to know how people actually show up on our […]

How to Build Your Online Church Community ‍ ‍ ‍

Your church can find new methods to engage with their members in the quickly evolving digital world of today with the help of an online church community. Both seekers and people of faith can come together in a wonderful way, regardless of location, through a digital church community. Digital communities help churches reach a larger […]

Online Small Groups & Bible Studies: A Comprehensive Guide

The world has become increasingly digital, and churches are no exception. In recent years, more and more churches have turned to online platforms for their services and events, including small groups and Bible studies. This shift has opened up countless new opportunities for church leaders, communicators, and media pastors to engage with their congregations in […]

Better Church Volunteer Training and Management with an LMS

Our church volunteers are the backbone of any church, and they play a vital role in ensuring the smooth running of the church’s programs and activities. However, volunteer training and management can often be a challenging task for all kinds of churches. My educational background is in teaching and I have also spent years in […]

Crafting a Compelling Church Website Headline (12 Examples)

When it comes to creating a church website, it’s easy to get caught up in all the design elements and functionalities that we forget the primary purpose of having a website – to reach people. That’s where the hero message comes in. A website headline is the first thing visitors see when they land on […]

LMS for Churches: Streamline Your Ministry and Help Your Members Grow

We have built and deployed online teaching and training platforms that have been utilized by over 40,000 users. This experience has given us a unique perspective on the benefits of learning management systems (LMS) and how they can be applied to churches. Churches have unique needs when it comes to teaching and education. In fact, […]

10 Creative Church Website Content Ideas to Engage Your Congregation

Most church websites either haven’t been updated in months or have only had sermon or event-related updates. We are aware that these are the most naturally occurring pieces of content, but there is so much more we can accomplish with our church websites. Creating compelling content that keeps members and visitors coming back can be […]