7 Church Website Ideas from Churchome

Sooner or later you will get to the point when you will know your church website needs a redesign. Or you are planting a church and you need your very first church website. In the process, you will probably look for inspiration online and try to see how other churches do the web. This is […]

5 Things To Learn From Victory Family Church Website

Victory Family Church is 45th fastest growing church in the US and they are a great example of how to get the church website serve the people well. Although their entire church website is worth exploring there are 5 things that really stand out. Get inspired! 1. Domain Choosing the right domain for your church […]

32 Great Christmas Church Websites and Ideas 2017

Christmas is a great season when you want to boost your creativity and make something special. We have different kinds of events at our churches and many visitors come. Here is our overview of creative Christmas church website ideas that will help you find more ideas of how to get people to church on Christmas! […]

5 Church Website Ideas – Piedmont Chapel

Piedmont Chapel is a pretty new church, formed in 2014. Their first meeting attracted 36 and three years into their journey they have helped over 550 people find new life in Christ! They have really strong social media presence and a great website. Let’s see what we can learn about what they do online. 1. […]

18 Beautiful Easter Church Websites

>> Check out Easter 2019 inspiration list << The examples below are all different. Some have exceptional videos and others beautiful graphic design. There are still some very clean and simple examples that can inspire you and help you get your church website Easter-ready. Sandals Church The Easter church website from Sandals Church is an […]

4 Ways Copywriting Can Make People Leave Your Church Website

Imagine you have one thousand visitors to your church website each day. Weeks pass and you realize that there aren’t any people that visit your church. Same faces week after week. What about all those website visitors then? You start digging deeper and you realize that the average time people spend on your church website […]

80+ Places To Find FREE PHOTOS For Your Church Website

I guess there is way more that can be added to the list. If you know sites that aren’t here, let us know in the comment and we will add it to the list. Before we start let me explain a bit about how to use the websites listed. The fact that the photos are FREE […]

7 Web Design Trends for 2017 To Help Your Church Website Stand Out

Get creative and think how you can adopt some of the ideas to make small improvements that can make a great impact on your website visitors and help them make the next step and meet your church in person. Most of the examples below are not church websites and the ones that are from the Christian […]

5 Tips To Improve Your Website In 2017

If you have your church website for quite some time there is a great chance nothing has been changed or tweaked. Our usual activity is to upload content concerning upcoming events and latest sermons and forget about the rest that might require updating as well. The great news is that you don’t need much time […]

8 Great Church Website Christmas Ideas

For the last 5 years Steve Fogg has been publishing his picks for the best Christmas church website designs. His lists were great and always inspired me so this year I decided to round up some of the best ideas I came across which were not listed by Steve. Enjoy and get inspired. Elevation Church Bayside […]