4 Ways SMS Can Boost Church Communication During the Christmas Season

The holidays are a very busy time for church congregations. Changes to the schedule or the last minute need for volunteers make communication very important during the holiday season. SMS can make a big difference when it comes to reaching your church members no matter where they are. Boost church attendance with SMS by sending out a […]

32 Great Christmas Church Websites and Ideas 2017

Christmas is a great season when you want to boost your creativity and make something special. We have different kinds of events at our churches and many visitors come. Here is our overview of creative Christmas church website ideas that will help you find more ideas of how to get people to church on Christmas! […]

5 Church Website Ideas – Piedmont Chapel

Piedmont Chapel is a pretty new church, formed in 2014. Their first meeting attracted 36 and three years into their journey they have helped over 550 people find new life in Christ! They have really strong social media presence and a great website. Let’s see what we can learn about what they do online. 1. […]

18 Beautiful Easter Church Websites

>> Check out Easter 2019 inspiration list << The examples below are all different. Some have exceptional videos and others beautiful graphic design. There are still some very clean and simple examples that can inspire you and help you get your church website Easter-ready. Sandals Church The Easter church website from Sandals Church is an […]

5 Social Media Trends For 2017 That Will Help Our Churches

We are a little over 3 months into 2017 and there are new features being rolled out almost weekly. Let’s see what we expect might happen in 2017… 1. More emphasis on engagement – David Clark What we experienced back in the early days of social media was that you posted something, and that’s it. […]

5 Ways Text Messaging Will Increase Engagement In Your Church

When you are looking for new ways to engage your congregation and improve attendance at events, implementing a church text messaging system is useful to reach your younger members and ensure that your messages are read. Text messages are opened 98% of the time! That beats email marketing when it comes to open-rate big time. If you want […]

6 Steps To Get Your Church Started On Instagram

There are so many different Instagram strategies that you can find. You possibly have heard people say about building your audience and growing fast. These are all important subjects that we get so overwhelmed with. Still, there are some basics that really help us move forward and do your social media thing right. Let’s see what […]

4 Ways Copywriting Can Make People Leave Your Church Website

Imagine you have one thousand visitors to your church website each day. Weeks pass and you realize that there aren’t any people that visit your church. Same faces week after week. What about all those website visitors then? You start digging deeper and you realize that the average time people spend on your church website […]

9 Steps To Great On-Page SEO Optimization For A Church Website

There are numerous factors that influence your church website to rank in Google. While the subject of Search Engine Optimization is huge, the work you need to get done on your website is unavoidable. We already discussed the importance of Google My Business yet on-page signals are 21% of your church website local SEO success […]

4 Social Media Strategies For Churches With David Clark

TC: David, can you say a bit more about who you are and about your experience? We met on IG and right there I could find your website with a lot of articles in the area of social media. Can you say a bit more about what you do and what your experience is? DC: […]